Desk Office Supplies Everybody Needs

Desk Office Supplies Everybody Needs

In the video above, the reporter introduces a range of essential office supplies that go beyond the usual Post-It Notes and Clear Tape. The reporter starts by highlighting nine items designed to add flair to your desk. Starting with Midori Clip Bookmarkers, these 0.1mm thick bookmarks offer a cute and functional way to mark your place in planners, journals, and books, with coordinating designs and stencil options.

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Moving on to the Kamiterior Pull + Push Sticky Notes, these colorful sleeves hide fountain-pen-friendly note paper, providing an exciting alternative to standard page markers. The C. Ching Stationery Clips offer an elegant replacement for boring paper clips, featuring attractive metallic finishes and various designs to keep your files organized in style.

The reporter also showcases the Sonic Nobirura Ruler, a clever ruler that extends from sixteen to thirty centimeters with a simple slide, coming in six fun color combinations. Other office supplies include the Hasegawa Canary Scissors, Sun-Star Stickyle Akeruno Scissors + Box Cutters, Kokuyo Racchikisu Stapler, PCM Takeo Peta Sticky Notes, and Kyoei Orions Shitajiki Writing Board. These tools promise both functionality and aesthetics for a well-equipped and stylish workspace. Whether you’re in search of functional or visually appealing office supplies, these items are conveniently available online, allowing you to create a stylish and well-equipped workspace that suits your preferences. Make your workspace perfect for your day-to-day needs.

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