Life-fulfilling Activities in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic


Life-fulfilling Activities in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

No strict lockdown or pandemic will ever stop some people from taking on life-fulfilling activities. Many people and organizations are basically unafraid to brave the outside world to nurse the sick, feed those who lack food and provide shelter to the homeless and other vulnerable individuals.

Recent reports suggest that more people contributed to volunteer groups and donated to charities during the pandemic (2020) compared to the previous year (2019). The number of direct cash transfers and material donations throughout the country increased.

If you are one of these people, here are the two best life fulfilling pursuits you can take on during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Joining Various Charity Groups and NGOs

For many individuals with minimal capability but with a great desire to help, the first step is to find a legitimate charity group or a known non-government organization (NGO). This step is highly significant because legitimate groups will efficiently distribute contributions to those who are really in need and to the most significant number of people possible.

These groups will also make you feel secure that your hard-earned money will really go to the people you intend to help. If you think you need more information, your company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) office can help you. Some CSR offices hire professionals or create a partnership with existing program handlers to conduct various CSR-related activities. Many companies prefer the Outreach Program group, which was established by reputable entrepreneurs and philanthropists in 2004. Suppose you have difficulty in finding your preferred charity group or NGO, you could consider the following:

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A. Research and Take a Stringent Look at the NGO or Charity Group’s History

Take a good second look at the group’s history. Ensure that neither the group nor the NGO was involved in any dealings that are considered shady or suspicious. The track record and transparency in finance are two of the most important things to consider in choosing your preferred charity group or NGO.

There are many reputable groups in the country, and some are even recognized by the government. For example, The Outreach Program was recognized by former President Barack Obama for the group’s CSR programs and significant social impact.

B. Consider the Group’s Offerings

Different groups have different outreach packages and CSR programs. Some programs these entities offer may include meal packing and distribution, remote volunteering, and partner trips, which will be discussed in a while.

Partner trip, which is also offered by the Outreach Program group, is one of the most exciting offers in the previously mentioned outreach packages. In this program, the group will sponsor a volunteer trip to a local or international area where a specific outreach program will or is being carried out.

This program will enable a contributor or a sponsor to witness first hand where his contributions go. And of course, to see such a thing is expected to bring a very fulfilling feeling.

Start Your Own Campaign

The second most fulfilling activity you can take on during the pandemic is to start your own campaign. With the Internet, particularly various social media sites, you can quickly begin to jump-start and make your personal campaign known to others.

This pandemic could be the perfect time for you to finally start to either inspire or find people who will be able to accompany you or work for you. This time you may eventually find a like-minded individual or group that will help you advance whatever kind of campaign you have.

These are just two of the most fulfilling pursuits that you can actively take part in. For sure, there are still many activities out there that you can try.

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